With over 35 years of business and immigration experience, Australian Investor & Residency Services are an integrated network of professionals focused exclusively on providing investment & immigration advice and assistance to high net worth migrants, small businesses and multinational corporations.

AUSTRALIAN INVESTOR & RESIDENCY SERVICES offer the best strategies to eliminate risk, maximise return whilst maintaining control and direction over your investments through us.

IDPS’s are custodial, transactional and consolidated reporting services, often referred to as master trusts/funds or wrap service.They exist in Australia and only a few other countries in the world. We find this model ideal for both ourselves and our Investors.

AIRS operates an IDPS for each Investor under the scheme. It allows you to manage and retain control of your investment portfolio, plus have access to a range of different investments through one service provider, with the advantage of consolidated tax, transaction and performance reporting.

This great opportunity is available to all types of Investors qualifying under State or Federal sponsorship Business & Investment visas.

Specifically designed for the Significant and Premium Investor visa Investors, our IDPS administers your investments securely to the best of benefit to you. All using secure, world renowned Macquarie Bank for all funds management.

Under the Commonwealth Government’s new framework of July 2015, Significant Investor Visa (S.I.V.) applicants are required to hold complying investments in this manner.

(a) At least $1.5 million in eligible managed fund(s) or Listed Investment Companies (LIC’s) that invest in emerging companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

(b) A “balancing” investment of up to $3 million in managed fund(s) or LICs that invest in a combination of eligible assets that include other ASX listed companies, eligible

(c) At least $500,000 in eligible Australian venture capital or growth private equity funds(s) investing in start-up and private companies.

Our unique IDPS strategy with our partners, SY Group & Macquarie Bank, means that we can provide (a) and (b) of the complying investments that are required for these visas.

That leaves with you with a number of choices to fulfill this last requirement (c), to invest in private equity companies.

This is where AIRS point of difference shines. We can help you meet the section (c) compliance requirement by either.

– Assisting you in buying a private business for you to run or have it locally managed (we specialise in this area too), or,

– Investing in our eligible multi-private company Unit Investment Trust designed to portfolio the risk of private investment but enjoy the high returns.

A share in the Unit Trust gives proportionate ownership of the companies owned by the Trust, conducted through your IDPS.

The major benefits of using the AIRS Unit Trust for this compliance investment is the simplicity, the minimised risk of portfolio approach, and the ease of entry and exit to the Trust, far easier than corporate structures.

Your money’s safe and growing. At your fingertips and completely transparent for your management.

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